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Which Summer School is right for me?

We often get enquiries from participants who are unsure which Summer School they should attend. Please read through this information, and get in touch with us if you are still unsure.

Junior – For those aged 9 – 13
This Summer School is fully supported by pastoral staff 24/7 and creates a safe and welcoming environment.

We do occasionally take those who will shortly be turning 9 at Junior Summer School. Please contact us for an informal chat to see if this is suitable for your child.

Youth – For those aged 14 – 20
This Summer School encourages more independent learning and is a more packed week of activity.

We occasionally take young people who have not yet turned 14, but feel they would suit the Youth environment more than Junior. Youth can suit some younger participants, but please contact us directly for a chat to discuss.

We take some over 18s at Youth Summer School, and although the upper limit is 20 years old this is open to a discussion if you feel Youth is more suited to you than Adult. The main difference between Adult and Youth Summer School is the age of the participants. Please contact us directly to discuss.

Adult – For those aged 18+
This summer school is for independent learners who want play music and socialize with other adults and tutors.

Contact us on to discuss.

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