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Project Choice: week three

Posted on 19 November 2013

Project Choice is an NHS initiated work placement scheme hosted by Sage Gateshead’s Accessible Learning Programme. The scheme offers young people with Special Education Needs and Disability a variety of work based opportunities in a safe environment over a period of six weeks. To learn more about the work of ourAccessible Learning Programme, and about the International Day of Disabled People on 3rd December, click here.

Week Three

Today, Keaton used the radio and learned some tips about manning the phone lines in a busy venue. ‘Short and Snappy’ was a good rule of thumb! “We got a message about a parcel at stage door and we went to get it”. Keaton

Alan: “I phoned Bliss in Marketing to ask if there were any more jobs”. Jane complimented Alan on finding out Bliss’s number and leaving a good, clear message on her answerphone.

Keaton and Alan helped Jane in organising the coatroom – which had become a little messy following a busy conference. These are real things that you have to do in the workplace and we were really proud of Alan, Keaton and Isaac today.

Isaac met more staff members today and learned about the carpet steamer. Project Musician Jim Montague came by to talk about music-making activities run by Sage Gateshead for young people with Special Education Needs and Disability, which the group found really interesting. For information about these sessions, visit the Accessible Learning pages of our website.

THINGS THE TEAM HAVE LEARNED SO FAR – at the halfway point

Keaton has learnt about communication, how to meet and greet people and smile and make them feel welcomed

Alan has learnt about recycling and how to restock leaflets and so far thinks the placement is a bit “easier than I thought!”

Isaac has learnt that keeping things tidy in a big building like Sage Gateshead is important

What is Project Choice?

For more information about the Accessible Learning Strand at Sage Gateshead, click here.

Project Choice is part of Sage Gateshead Accessible Learning Strand’s Music Connect Project. It is funded by Newcastle Children with Disabilities Team and overseen by Gateshead College.