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Project Choice: week five

Posted on 3 December 2013

Project Choice Blog: Week 5

Today it is International Day for Disabled People and the building is very busy!

Alan: “Today I was on radio and helped John by being on the phone. I was able to help people coming into the building and showing them where they had to go.”

Alan also helped to deliver some chairs saying “I never turn down a job!”. Customer Experience Member Jane Strachan was very impressed with Alan’s work today commenting that he used “fantastic communication skills” and he remembered phone numbers and “really confidently used the DECT phone”
When asked what his favourite bit of the morning was, Alan replied “All of it!”

Isaac: “Today I hoovered and mopped in the building services area and I also cleaned sinks. I helped Sylvia send an email. My favourite bit was the hoovering and doing a little dancing between jobs”. Sylvia said that Isaac worked very well today.

Keaton: “Well, today we attended a briefing. Basically we were told what our duties were and we were given a choice to meet and greet either working upstairs or downstairs. We were told about fire exits and we did have a laugh cause it was Malcolm! We worked with Customer Experience Team member Kevin, and this was great cause he is a Mackem and so am I!”

Keaton said that this week really helped with gaining more confidence because it was interesting meeting and working with new people.
His favourite part of the morning was going into Sage One and “listening to the beautiful singing” from the Silver Singers rehearsing for their concert.

We are looking forward to next week because we are going to celebrate completing our six week placement here at Sage Gateshead. We think also there may be Christmas songs at the celebration!

What is Project Choice?

Project Choice is an NHS initiated work placement scheme hosted by Sage Gateshead’s Accessible Learning Programme. The scheme offers young people with Special Education Needs and Disability a variety of work based opportunities in a safe environment over a period of six weeks.

For more information about the Accessible Learning Strand at Sage Gateshead, click here.

Project Choice is part of Sage Gateshead Accessible Learning Strand’s Music Connect Project. It is funded by Newcastle Children with Disabilities Team and overseen by Gateshead College.