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Project Choice second cohort - Week Two

Posted on 14 January 2014

About Project Choice: Three young people have been spending each Tuesday morning at Sage Gateshead as part of Project Choice, an NHS initiated work placement scheme hosted by Sage Gateshead’s Accessible Learning Programme. Project Choice offers young people with Special Education Needs and Disability a variety of work based opportunities in a safe environment over a period of six weeks.

Today we met in our base room down in the Music Education Centre and we talked about what we were going to do.

Then Bliss and Chris came to speak to us from the Marketing and Communications Department. They talked about what they do in their jobs.
Chris told us that one of things he does is help with Sage Gateshead News and Blogs on the website.

Bliss talked about what she does in the Marketing Department and she showed us how to refill the leaflet stands and how to recycle the old posters. When we finished our tasks, Jim Montague came to meet us. He is a musician who works at Sage Gateshead and he told us about his job and also about a group called UpBeat that meets every Monday at 5pm and play percussion instruments and make music together and it sounded fun.

Sarah: “Today I sorted out the posters and recycled the old ones. You have to look at the dates. I was in charge of the trolley and when we loaded the trolley, some of the posters fell off and we had to pick them up. We went into Sage Two and there were actually people on the stage. We found out they were from Gateshead College and they were performing and singing on the stage.

Lez: “I did some cleaning and mopping and I checked the soap dispensers, met a lot of the other cleaning staff and I got to have a go on the
Sit and ride sweeper with Ken. My favourite thing this morning was learning how to operate the sweeper. “

Tracey: “ This morning I helped Bliss put the things in the box and we learnt that they recycled the old ones. I learned where the leaflets are kept in the Print Room. Every time you go in the Print room it smells like paint! We went outside to the recycle bin. Sylvia found us a trolley. We went into Hall 2 and listened to Gateshead students playing. It was good but a little bit noisy. I got a lot of exercise going back and forward in the building.”