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Project Choice : Lucy's diary

Posted on 10 January 2014

Strong Voices are supporting young people aged 13-19 (and those up to 25 who have special educational needs) into high quality work placements. This is the work diary of Lucy Pearson, who is working with our Housekeeping team over the coming months!

Wednesday 8th January 2014

My induction was today with Debbie and Lorna – then I went to housekeeping. I went around the building locating people I used to work with the last time I worked at Sage Gateshead. Sylvia and I washed seats outside hall 1 – after lunch I worked with Eddie and hoovered the Squires lounge…

Thursday 9th January 2014

Today I worked with John. We cleaned toilets in hall 1, level 2 and 3 and Barbour room. I mopped the stairs. I was shown how to use the steamer and then I steamed 66 chairs in the Barbour room. I was told what to listen out for when the fire alarm goes, and fire drill. I was shown the green running men which identify the nearest route to take to get to the assembly point, which is Performance Square.

Friday 10th January 2014

I hoovered security and green room, emptied rubbish, wiped tables and desks, washed glass doors. I then cleaned 11 dressing rooms which included wiping tables and sinks and cleaning toilets. I helped John, in his toilet by washing walls and mopping floors. Sylvia put some washing in the machine and I helped.

Weekly Report

This week has been good, I have really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed learning how to use the steamer. Working as part of the housekeeping team has been enjoyable. I know how to sign in at security and make my way down to housekeeping on my own. Next week Debbie has said I will set up a blog with her, also she will take me to Gateshead Old Town Hall (GOTH) for an induction.

Project Choice and Sage Gateshead work in partnership already through a grant from Newcastle Children with Disabilities team – find more about it here. Strong Voices are delighted to also support this scheme by providing young people with SEND with a Level 2 placement