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The Arches

The CoMusica Arches were established in 2009 and created a new space for alternative education and engagement programmes.

Activities have focussed on contemporary digital music, in particular supporting the north east hardcore (makina) and hip hop scenes, but there has been a range of sounds going down in the arches, from steel pans to acoustic funk… even a flautist or two.

The Arches grew to facilitate a range of culturally relevant activities such as street art, breakdance and set design.

It has featured in several TV programmes and films (both as subject and also location shots) and has attracted many big names from the arts who have popped in to inspire the participants.

The current Arches programme includes our CoMusica Alternative Provision, our Youth Music funded Arches Academy sessions and our wider cross arts programme, which includes a range of participatory events across the year.

The Arches programme includes a team of skilled artists, available for workshops, events and commissions.

Please contact for more information or to book the Arches team