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Youth Music

  • Youth Music believes that music-making is life-changing and in line with the charity’s vision of a musically inclusive England, it wants the opportunity for music-making to be available to all children regardless of circumstances. Every year, Youth Music provides more than 75,000 young people with the chance to take part in a local music project.
  • Most of these children and young people face significant challenges in their lives. These may arise from economic issues, from disability or lifelong health conditions, mental health or behavioural issues and from other life circumstances including living in rural isolation, being a young carer or refugee.
  • In addition to developing musical skills, Youth Music projects help young people to develop their personal and social skills, make positive contributions to their community and live happy, successful lives . Youth Music projects work across all music genres.
  • Youth Music currently supports over 400 music projects around the country
  • The charity knows that many more young people still need its help and continues to fundraise to realise its mission to ensure that all children and young people have access to life-changing music-making opportunities. Its current fundraising platform includes Give a Gig. Music fans, artists, promoters and venue owners are invited to donate some or all of a gig’s proceeds to support the work of Youth Music with children in challenging circumstances. For more information about Give a Gig visit

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