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What We Do

CoMusica works across the North East, inspiring young minds through music and creative arts, with unique and bespoke provision for those in challenging circumstances. Our passionate team support, encourage and empower young people to develop their full potential through an innovative and exciting programme of engagement. We are also a training provider for cultural/youth organisations and community practitioners across the region who wish to use music and arts activity as a tool for engagement.

Music and creative arts are used as a tool to engage young people, and to address personal and social development as well as where appropriate, addressing needs such as basic literacy, numeracy and employability skills. Our staff work on a daily basis with a diverse range of young people including those not in education, employment or training (NEET), special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), looked after children (LAC) and young carers.

We specialise in first access engagement with groups of young people with complex needs and challenging behaviours whilst also offering progression routes both within Sage Gateshead and through external links and partnerships. The majority of our work takes place in informal settings and venues around the region, delivered in partnership with a diverse range of providers, including Youth and Community, Voluntary Groups, Local Authorities, Charitable Organisations and Schools/PRU units.

We deliver a wide range of music and cross arts activities including

  • Music Technology
  • DJing
  • Singing/Songwriting
  • Rap/MC’ing
  • Steel Pans
  • Drumming/percussion
  • Ukulele
  • Beatboxing
  • Graffiti/Aerosol Art
  • Drawing and design

Wherever possible and appropriate, Arts Award Accreditation is built into CoMusica activities. We also offer a range of other qualifications through specific projects from Entry level to BTech/Level 3.

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